The cruiseport of La Romana

meanwhile happens to be the Caribbean's major home-seaport of various international cruise-lines such as AIDA, TUI, the COSTA-Cruises and the CARNIVAL Cruise Line ...

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In the peak of the Caribbean cruise-season, there arrive thousands of guests from Europe and from all over the world at the airports of La Romana-Casa de Campo [LRM] La Romana-Casa de Campo International Airport [LRM], the Punta Cana International Airport [PUJ] Punta Cana International Airport [PUJ] or at the Las Américas International Airport of Santo Domingo [SDQ] Santo Domingo-Las Américas International Airport [SDQ], heading for the La Romana cruiseport or the Santo Domingo "Sans Souci" cruise-terminal "Sans Souci" cruiseport Santo Domingo {SDQ-M}. Aboard the floating luxury hotels they explore Caribbean islands in the north and south of the Hispaniola island. Tortola, Antigua, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, Curacao and Aruba are just a few of the many fascinating islands drawing thousands of visitors under their spell.

Charter flights of the European airlines Condor and Eurowings either land directly at the airport of La Romana-Casa de Campo [LRM] - or at the airports of Santo Domingo-Las Américas [SDQ] or Punta Cana [PUJ]. From Central Europe, the flight time is about 9-10 hours, until reaching the Caribbean soil. Condor Flugdienst Condor Flugdienst. Travelers from Canada or the United States will find the recently updated flight schedules with direct flights to La Romana quite comfortable. American Airlines Air Berlin.

The seaport is very close to the airport of La Romana-Casa de Campo La Romana-Casa de Campo International Airport [LRM], at a transfer distance of approximately 15 minutes. Often travelers, having booked a bus-transfer simultaneously with the cruise, do not need to pass the passport and customs control of the airport, but are leaded from the air plane directly to the bus transfer area of the airport, from where the busses head towards the cruise ship in the port of La Romana. The passengers' luggage is often automatically diverted to the reception area at the seaport, or even directly to the passengers' cabins onboard the cruise ship. If case of any doubt, it is recommendable to contact the travel agent or tour organizer, in case of any doubt.

For all travelers, who have not booked a 'cruise + transfer package', or prefer a customized transfer-service, which is not conducted in suburban busses, there are various transfer options available. Special transfers for passengers with restricted mobility, wheelchair users are also available upon request. Additional information and a request form can be found here. Transferservice Airport - port - hotel - villa - appartment

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boarding @ PUJ

Muelle turístico internacional Casa de Campo / cruiseport La Romana

Muelle turístico internacional Casa de Campo / cruiseport La Romana

Muelle turístico internacional Casa de Campo / cruiseport La Romana

leaving the muelle turístico internacional Casa de Campo / cruiseport La Romana

orientation map cruiseport La Romana, Dominican Republic - click to enlarge orientation map cruiseport La Romana, Dominican Republic

Arriving at the cruiseport of La Romana, a modern and generously scaled ship terminal is welcoming the passengers and the well-trained and organized ground crew take care of the passengers and their luggage.

After the having completed the immigration- and custom-formalities, the boarding process and the mandatory emergency drill - the actual cruise is about to start.

Some of the cruises return to the port of La Romana after 7 or 14 days and La Romana offers a variety of destinations for offshore excursions. Walking through the streets of La Romana, taking a coffee in the "Trigo de Oro", or having meal in one of the numerous restaurants or even visit the nearby supermarket "Jumbo".

Additionally La Romana offers numerous nearby destinations, which serve perfect for an diverting offshore trip - such as ... a 1-day beach holiday at the beach of 45 minutes away Bayahibe (1-day all-inclusive passes available), here one can enjoy sun and beach and all the amenities of an short-ter, all-inclusive stay ... a visit to the "Cueva de las Maravillas", the country's largest limestone cave with authentic Taino cave paintings ... a boat trip to the islands of Isla Catalina and Isla Saona ... a trip by catamaran or a chartered yacht ... or even a short shopping trip directly to La Romana, where to find unusual and in some places (!) high quality souvenirs ... also noteworthy are ... the artists' village "Altos de Chavón", with its restaurants and boutiques ... a visit of one of the famous cigar factories in La Romana, where to try or purchase hand-made cigars of an outstanding quality ... in any case ... time's passing rapidly ... it is strongly recommended to be back in time at the port, before the cruiseship heads back to the Caribbean sea - leaving the port of La Romana with the unique sound of his foghorn - audible in entire La Romana ... excursions

The optimal addition to a cruise vacation is a previous or subsequent beach holiday in one of the many hotels or all-inclusive resorts, which the island offers in all price ranges. Those who seek pure luxury vacation, perhaps in combination with playing golf at one of the "most beautiful golf courses in the world", will feel perfectly advised with vacationing in the hotel or one of the rentable villas of Casa de Campo Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic - or Cap Cana Cap Cana @ Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana Punta Cana, Dominican Republic offers dozens of different all-inclusive resorts, miles of sandy beaches and everything a tourist's heart might desire in the Caribbean. The country's capital, Santo Domingo, is not recommendable for beach holidays, but historically and architecturally very interesting - offering its visitors an unique atmosphere - a taste of how life was like during the colonial period under Christopher Columbus and his successors Santo Domingo- capital of the Dominican Republic.

All those travelers who leave from La Romana towards their home country, often take with them a load of unique and unforgettable, wonderful memories - and many of them come back again soon.

For the return journey, the most recent airline check-in times should be revised in advance, in order to avoid the risk of missing or even loose a booked flight.